Sr. No.

Lab No

Name of Laboratory

Major Equipments


Laboratory No. 01

Communication and Training Lab

Computers,  Computer Networking,  Software, Headphones


Laboratory No. 02

Object Oriented Programming  

Computer Network Technology

System Programming

Computers,  Printers,  UPS with 16 Batteries ,LCD Projector


Laboratory No. 03

Web Technology

Software Modelling & Design

Distributed Systems

INTEL Core I5, I3,3.06GHz Processor,  Scanner , Partitioning, Printer, UPS with 16 Batteries, Computer Networking


Laboratory No. 04

Operating System

Data Science & Big Data Analytics

Information & Cyber Security

Computers,   Printers, UPS with 16 Batteries, LCD Projector, Computer Networking


Laboratory No. 05

Computer Graphics

Database Management Systems

Machine Learning

Computers,   UPS with 16 Batteries, Computer Networking


Laboratory No. 06

Digital Electronics & Logic Design

Processor Architecture & Interfacing

Printer, UPS with 16 Batteries, LCD Projector, 8086 Micro-processor kit,  Stepper Motor,  Digital  Trainer Kit,  Mechatronics tester model, 8051 Kit, Computer Peripherals


Laboratory No. 07

Research Laboratory

Project Laboratory

Center of Excellence - Computational Intelligence

Intel core I7 , 8GB DDR , 1TB HDD, Hitachi CPRX-250 LCD Projector, UPS


Laboratory No. 08

Programming Laboratory

Data Structures & Files

Design & Analysis of Algorithms

Computers,  Printers( Laser and  Dot Matrix),  UPS with 16 Batteries , Software, LCD Projector, Computer Networking

Marathwada Mitra Mandal's College of Engineering

Survey No. 18, Plot No. 5/3, Near Vandevi Temple, Karvenagar, Pune 411052.

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