PhD Faculty

Sr NoName of FacultyStatus
1 Dr. K. S. Thakre Completed
2 Dr. H. K. Khanuja Completed
3 Dr. A. A. Agarkar Completed
4 Dr. S. N. Shekapure Completed
5 Dr. A. A. Deshmukh Completed
6 Dr. G. G. Chiddarwar Completed
7 Dr. S. S. Shiravale Completed
8 Dr. G. R. Chillarge Completed
9 Mrs. S. B. Jadhav Pursuing
10 Mrs. A. V. Shinde Pursuing
11 Mrs. S. D. Sapkal Pursuing
12 Mrs. A. A. Shaikh Pursuing
13 Mrs. H. R. Karande Pursuing
14 Mrs. V. S. Rupnar Pursuing
15 Mrs. A. D. Kulkarni Pursuing


Sr NoName of FacultyStatus
1 Dr. P. S. Purandare Completed
2 Dr. K. R. Patil Completed
3 Dr. V. R. Deulgaonkar Completed
4 Dr. V. W. Bhatkar Completed
5 Dr. P. K. Katare Completed
6 Dr. P. K. Tamkhade Completed
7 Dr. R. S. Yadav Completed
8 Dr. K Nagesha Completed

Dr. Rajendra N. Todkar


Dr. Vikash Sinha

11 Prof. A. D. Desale Pursuing
12 Prof. M. P. Rode Pursuing
13 Prof. G. R. Chaudhary Pursuing
14 Prof. R. U. Patil Pursuing
15 Prof. S. S. Raut Pursuing
16 Prof. H. C. Pisal Pursuing
17 Prof. S. G. Kale Pursuing

Pro. K. L. Bhoite


Prof. S. S. Kirpekar


Prof. D. M. Pawar


Prof. P. R. Chavan




Sr NoName of FacultyStatus
1 Dr. G.S. Gawande Completed
2 Dr. M.A. Dudhedia Completed
3 Dr. A. M. Bhatlawande Completed
4 Dr. N.N. Thune Completed
5 Dr. A. B. Kanawade Completed
6 Dr. A.B. Deshmukh Completed
7 Swati N. Deshmukh Pursuing
8 Mrunal R. Pangoanka Pursuing
9 Rajeshwari R. Malekar Pursuing
10 Jitendra Bakliwal Pursuing
11 Snehal J. Koparde Pursuing


Sr NoName of FacultySpecializationStatus
1 Dr. V. N. Gohokar Distribution Automation Completed
2 Dr. H. H. Kulkarni Power Quality Completed
3 Dr. A.R. Soman Electrical Machines Completed
4 Dr. A. V. Satpute Renewable Energy/Economy/ Environment Completed
5 Ms. P. D. Vaidya Smart Grid and Electric Vehicle Pursuing


Sr NoName of FacultyStatus
1 Dr. V. S. Bidve Completed
2 Dr. Bharati P. Vasgi Completed
3 Dr. R. M. Chopade Completed
4 Mrs. P. S. Joshi Pursuing
5 Ms. S. A. Kakad Pursuing
6 Mr. N. S. Dhavase Pursuing
7 Mr. B. M. Borhade Pursuing


Sr NoName of FacultyStatus
1 Dr. A. S. Sawaikar Completed
2 Dr. P. B. Lihitkar Completed
3 Ms. V. N. Patil Pursuing


Sr NoName of FacultyStatus
1 Mr. Rahul Jagtap Completed

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