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We, at the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication (E&TC) Engineering, believe in imparting education which empowers our students for the welfare of the masses. The department is committed to the holistic development of the students. The department shares glimpses of all the activities during a semester through its biannual newsletter,  IMPULSE. Our goal is to give you an update on the departmental activities, technical events, and professional accomplishments of students and faculty members. The newsletter encapsulates the growth, accomplishments, and innovations that have characterized our department's evolution. The newsletter also allows us to reach out to our students, parents, and colleagues and inform them about the happenings in the department. It highlights the dedication and hard work of our students and faculty members and provides us a chance to appreciate our achievers. The IMPULSE newsletter committee operates under the auspices of the Bench for Electronics and Telecommunication Association (BETA) which is the department's student association. 


We are constantly treading the path of steady growth and success and we would like to share it all with you. As we continue our academic journey, it's essential to reflect on the milestones and achievements that have shaped our department. The following compilation of our department's newsletters since 2015 is to commemorate this journey. We invite you to take a moment to go through these attachments and revisit the remarkable moments that have contributed to our department's success. Your understanding and appreciation of our history will undoubtedly inspire and motivate us as we forge ahead into the future. 



IMPULSE Volume IX Issue I ꘡ Jan2024


IMPULSE  Volume VIII Issue II  ꘡ July2023


IMPULSE  Volume VIII Issue I   ꘡ January2023


IMPULSE   Volume VII Issue II  ꘡ July2022


IMPULSE   Volume VII Issue I   ꘡ January2022


IMPULSE   Volume VI Issue II  ꘡  July2021


IMPULSE   Volume VI Issue I   ꘡  January2021


IMPULSE   Volume V Issue II   ꘡  June2020


IMPULSE   Volume V Issue I    ꘡  January2020


IMPULSE   Volume IV Issue II  ꘡  July2019


IMPULSE    Volume IV Issue I   ꘡  January2019


IMPULSE    Volume III Issue II  ꘡  June2018


IMPULSE    Volume III Issue I   ꘡  January2018


IMPULSE    Volume II  Issue II  ꘡  July2017


IMPULSE    Volume II Issue I    ꘡  January2017


IMPULSE    Volume I   Issue II  ꘡  June2016


IMPULSE    Volume I  Issue I    ꘡  January2016


IMPULSE    Volume I  Inaugural Issue  ꘡  August2015

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